Responsible Third Party

Responsible Third Party

The Responsible Third Party is a person designated to attend to the routine and extraordinary equipment maintenance and to the implementation of the necessary measures to control consumption.
RTP must have specific technical, economic and organizational capabilities.

RTP is a reference person to whom all the three functions of a heating system must be assigned:

  • routine maintenance
  • extraordinary maintenance
  • consumption control

The operation and the maintenance of heating systems are usually entrusted to the owner or to the administrator (in the case of apartment block shared systems).
Alternatively, as provided for by the applicable regulations, the operation and the maintenance may be entrusted to a third party meeting specific requirements, named  Responsible Third Party.

The ''Responsible Third Part'' is a business or an authorized qualified technician,  a member of the professional or sector association, meeting the adequate technical competence requirements.

In case of systems with a power consumption of 350W or higher, the responsible third party must have additional qualifications, such as the ISO 9001 quality certification.

Q Energy S.r.l. with its qualified technicians meets all the requirements, including the ISO 9001/2015 Quality Certification, and it is able to cooperate and support all the clients who intend, because they have the obligation or by their own decision, to use the figure of “responsible third party”.

Q Energy numbers among its own clients some of the most significant businesses in the province of Vicenza and the province of Padua in addition to apartment blocks and nursing homes.

In 2013 it was among the first service providers to obtain the fluorinated gases management certification.